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Unibz Panel: Crossovers 1

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20.04.23 10:15 (Deutsch) Bozen, University

Crossovers: Films as Tools for Social Research

‘Crossover’ is a term used in film and fiction to describe situations in which two or more characters, ambience, or objects from different fictional contexts, merge and interact in a novel setting. It is like a superhero falling for madame Bovary, or, for that matter, the social sciences engaging films as tools for research and dissemination.
Crossovers will overlap with the Alpenländische Kooperation Workshop (ZeLIG School for Documentary & IDM – South Tyrol Film Commission) and the BOLZANO FILM FESTIVAL BOZEN, an international event attracting filmmakers from all over Europe, creating a crossover of populations, ideas, and languages. Discussion — academic and non-academic — will address, for one thing, filmmaking as a research tool and a means to teach the social sciences.

The Program: Thursday 20 April, 10:15—19:30

10:15 Introduction Roberto Farneti & Daniele Ietri, Audiences and Democratic Publics

11:00 Talks Mapping Languages and Landscapes
Chair: Silvia Dal Negro & Paolo Graziano
Gayatri Parameswaran, Heidi Gronauer (on ESoDoc), Eleonora Mastropietro, Daniele Ietri (on mapping landscapes)

14:00 Talk Film Labs & Film Development
Chair: Daniele Ietri & Eleonora Mastropietro, Roberto Cavallini, Marta Andreu

15:00 The conference will conveneat the ‘Bolzano Film Festival Bozen’ (Cinema Capitol)

15:30 Masterclass Marta Andreu (film producer & consultant), Filming landscapes

18:00 Film in cooperation with Unibz Studium Film Generale & Bolzano Film Festival Bozen