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Open air

This year’s edition of the Bolzano Film Festival took place under the motto #bffb34onlyatHOME, the festival films could only be shown online due to the Corona measures. In the first week of August, we are now offering our audience some feature films and documentaries from the festival programme on the big screen, as part of the Filmclub Open Air. Some of the films will be shown in the schoolyard of the secondary school Aufschnaiter in Bolzano, others will be screened as part of the “Summer at NOI” in the NOI Techpark in Bolzano South (on 4 and 6 August).

The first film on Monday, 2 August, is the winner of the BFFB Audience Award 2021: Italian director Maurizio Zaccaro brings the story of NOUR to the cinema, a ten-year-old girl who makes the journey to Europe across the Mediterranean Sea alone. Pietro Bartolo, a doctor from Lampedusa, takes care of her. Here is the BFFB film talk!

KOKON by German director Leonie Krippendorff tells the story of 14-year-old Nora, who falls in love for the first time, with Romy, during a hot summer in Berlin. A powerful film about growing up and with great tenderness for its characters and their conflicts. Here is the BFFB film talk!

Luca Lucchesi’s documentary A BLACK JESUS takes us to a small village in southern Italy where the statue of a black Jesus has been worshipped for centuries. When Edward, a refugee from Ghana, asks to be allowed to carry the statue of Jesus in procession through the village together with the locals, this request divides the community. A BLACK JESUS will be shown as part of the “Summer at NOI” at the NOI Techpark. Start 21:00. Here is the BFFB film talk!

Evi Rumen’s award-winning directorial debut HOCHWALD (she also won the award for best feature film at the BFFB with it) tells the story of young Mario, whose beloved friend is killed in an assassination attempt in Rome. How does Mario learn to deal with his grief and how does the village community react? Click here for the film discussion!

MATERNAL is the first feature film by Bolzano-based documentary filmmaker Maura Delpero. The film tells the story of Lu and Fati, two 17-year-old women in a religious home for young single mothers in Buenos Aires. The two share a room and struggle with themselves and their new, unwanted role as mothers. MATERNAL will be screened at NOI Techpark, starting 21:00 Here is the BFFB’s film talk.

Since 2018, the BFFB has been running the film series “Kurzes über’n Brenner”, curated by the Landshut Short Film Festival. Due to the Corona pandemic, the 7 short films, from light-hearted to serious, are only now making it to South Tyrol, to our open air film series! Guests of the Landshut Short Film Festival are expected.

CRESCENDO #makemusicnotwar by Dror Zahavi will close the festival. The film tells the story of the orchestra conductor Eduard Sporck, played by Peter Simonischek, who is to found an orchestra consisting of young people from Israel and Palestine. At the beginning of rehearsals, it is not yet clear to everyone how big the hurdles are that need to be overcome.

Here is an overview of the BFFB Open Air programme:

Mon 02.08.2021 Nour (ital.) (92′) Aufschnaiter (21:30)
Tue 03.08.2021 Kokon (95′) Aufschnaiter (21:30)
Wed 04.08.2021 A Black Jesus (itmdtUT) (92′) NOI (21:00)
Thu 05.08.2021 Hochwald (107′) Aufschnaiter (21:30)
Fri 06.08.2021 Maternal (vos) (91′) NOI (21:00)
Sat 07.08.2021 Short over ‘n Brenner (100′) Aufschnaiter (21:30)
Sun 08.08.2021 Crescendo (OmitaUT (106’) Aufschnaiter (21:00)

Open Air Cinema screenings take place in all weathers. It is NOT necessary to show your “Corona Pass” to attend the film. The Open Air Cinema will be continued by the Film Club from 9 August. Further information on the programme at www.filmclub.it.