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Piccole lingue 1 / Kleinsprachen 1

ES, 2020, 118 min.
Piccole lingue DOC

06.04.22 18:45 Bolzano, Club 3


TÜBACHI MONGUEN MU (INTO THIS LIFE) by Antonio Caro Berezin, documentary, Chile 2019, 28 minutes, mapudungun/spanish, with english subtitles
As Juana gives birth, Chilean president announces the creation of a police force to repress the Mapuche people. Two perspectives on human wellbeing surround the first days of a life.

ANUNCIARON TORMENTA (A STORM WAS COMING) by Javier Fernàndez Vàzquez, documentary, Spain 2020, 87 minutes, spanish/bubi / with english subtitles
In 1904, Ësáasi Eweera, the last native Bubi leader who opposed the Spanish rule at the current island of Bioko, Equatorial Guinea, was detained by colonial guards and died three days later. By reenacting written texts through voiceovers, taping and studying native oral accounts and identifying historically charged sites, “Anunciaron Tormenta” reflects on the gaps, silences, contradictions and falsehoods that colonial history is usually built upon.

L. (ON THE BEACH) di Maria Luisa Usai e Marcella Valentina Mancini, corto, Italia 2019, 3 minuti, italiano / romani
L. ha 15 anni, è un’adolescente, ha i capelli biondi ed è rom. Insieme a lei le registe volevano girare un corto sul tema sogno e magia. Il rapporto artistico si è trasformato in relazione di reciprocità, in tempo condiviso, in esperienza di vita, in evasione dal reale.

L. ist 15 Jahre alt, hat blondes Haar und ist eine Romani. Der ursprünglich geplante Kurzfilm über Traum und Magie wurde zu einem Film des gegenseitigen Kennenlernens, des Ausbrechens aus der Wirklichkeit.