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ES, 2022, 65 (Deutsch) Min., es [en]
(Deutsch) Piccole lingue DOC 1
(Deutsch) mit Iván Carlón, Miguel Ángel Tapia, Marta González, Félix Sanz, Noa Ladrón, Joaquín Díaz, Celestino Prieto, Herminia Gato

19.04.23 15:15 (Deutsch) Bozen, Club 3

Piccole Lingue DOC 1/Kleinsprachen DOC 1 (HITZAK - Le mots - Forgetting - Carraco)

Miguel Ángel needs to make a phone call while on a hike near his town, but the lack of reception makes it impossible. He then remembers a code his grandfather shared with him as a child to communicate from a distance with groggers. When he gets home, he asks him about this code and discovers that it was not invented by his grandfather. It was used by the townspeople from Valladolid (Spain) a long time ago, but it has since been forgotten. That’s when he decides it’s time to investigate and get that code back… But he soon discovers that it is not going to be easy at all. CARRACO is a rural tale presented as a mockumentary that honours run-of-the-mill stories. Local as they might seem, these stories often deal with universal issues. This is a feature film where no one speaks about the truth, but everything told is true.

Der Film ist eine ländliche Erzählung, die als Mockumentary präsentiert wird und alltägliche Geschichten würdigt. So lokal sie auch erscheinen mögen, diese Geschichten behandeln oft universelle Themen. Ein Film, in dem niemand über die Wahrheit spricht, aber alles, was erzählt wird, ist wahr.

CARRACO è un racconto rurale presentato come un mockumentary che rende onore alle storie comuni. Per quanto possano sembrare locali, queste storie spesso trattano temi universali. Un film in cui nessuno parla della verità, ma tutto ciò che viene raccontato è vero.

A cura di Silvia Dal Negro, Daniele Ietri, Eleonora Mastropietro, Daniela Veronesi