Vincenzo Bugno is the new Artistic Director

Vincenzo Bugno new artistic director

Vincenzo Bugno is the new artistic director of the BFFB Bolzano Film Festival Bozen. After many successful years Helene Christanell left the direction of the Filmfestival in June 2022 for personal reasons. Through a selection process, the Filmclub board has now appointed a new artistic director. Among the 35 applications sent from Italy and abroad, we selected and invited four candidates and candidates for an interview. The board then unanimously chose Vincenzo Bugno, director of the Berlinale World Cinema Fund and curator of the Torino Film Feature Lab.
Starting from now Vincenzo Bugno will therefore lead the Bolzano Film Festival Bozen, the management of the Filmclub is happy to be able to begin this intense collaboration as soon as possible.

Statement Vincenzo Bugno
I consider the task entrusted to me a privilege. Bolzano is a city with an intense cultural life and lively cultural institutions, it is located in a region with a multifaceted identity, at the same time deeply linked to the territory but curious, open to the world, universal. A decidedly favorable context for a festival with great potential. I am happy to be able to take over the direction of the Bolzano Film Festival Bozen and to be able to participate in the further development of the Festival and its profile.

Vincenzo Bugno

Vincenzo Bugno, CV (summary)

Vincenzo Bugno was born in Venice where he graduated in Modern Literature / History of Cinema at the “Department of History and Criticism of the Arts” (Ca ‘Foscari University). He mainly lives in Berlin. Today Vincenzo Bugno is Director of the “Berlinale World Cinema Fund / WCF” institution that over the years has established itself as one of the most dynamic realities active in supporting international film production with a strong artistic / cultural identity and cooperation between German producers / Europeans and directors / producers from non-European regions.

Since 2019 Vincenzo Bugno has also been Curator of the “Torino Film Lab (TFL) / Feature Lab”, one of the most prestigious institutions active in the “cinema in costrizuioone/cinema under construction”. After graduating, he worked as a journalist / film critic for Italian and other European countries. In the following years he expanded this activity in collaboration with the “Corriere della Sera” and “Il Manifesto” among others. As the author and director of numerous services and documentations dedicated to cinema as well as contemporary art, architecture, literature, music, he has worked for broadcasters such as “Arte” (D / F), “ZDF” (D), “Tele + “And” Sky Italia “(I).
Over the years he has intensified his activity as a consultant / curator for several film festivals. Among others, he was a member of the scientific committee and curator of retrospectives for the “Trieste Film Festival / Alpe Adria”. His activity for the “Locarno Film Festival” was intense, starting in 1998 as a consultant for German / Austrian cinema and in the following years also as a member of the selection committee and head of the “Open Doors” section, a section dedicated to the  ” existing cinema ”and the“ cinema under construction ”. Since 2002 he has collaborated with the “Berlinale”, where he conceived / developed the “Berlinale World Cinema Fund” project with the support of the Festival Direction. In the context of the Berlinale he was also a consultant for Italy (2005/2019), for the Maghreb / ​​Mashrek (2006/2018) as well as a member of the selection committee of the Festival competition (2013/2019).