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Online Event Small Language DOC

18 december, 7 p.m. via Facebook

Online talk with the directors of RESUNS, a documentary on Rumantsch language in Switzerland (winner of “Silver Gentian”, Trento Film Festival 2015)

Céline Carridroit and Aline Suter (“Resuns”) in a conversation on minority languages and the making of documentaries.

With: Helene Christanell, Silvia Dal Negro, Heidi Gronauer, Daniele Ietri, Eleonora Mastropietro, Daniela Veronesi, Ruth Videsott (Bolzano Film Festival Bozen, ZeLIG, Free University of Bolzano-Bozen, La Fournaise)

The event will be in English and Italian.

RESUNS opens a window on Romansh, a language spoken in the heartland of the Swiss mountains. The music of the language echoes throughout the valleys and the seasons, blending in with the sounds of the surrounding nature. The film draws upon the texts of an author, the games of a child, the songs of a comedian, and the story of a woman who learned the language because of her love for a man.

“Resuns”, or the slowly-dwindling echoes of a dying language, reminds us that our identity is also rooted in our voices, in the choice of our words, and in their sonority. Our attachment to a language goes beyond borders and raises universal questions. It is a poetic and intimate portrait of a minority at a time of globalisation.

“Resuns” will be available on-line a few days before and after the talk – meanwhile have a look on the trailer. Follow us for info on Facebook or Instagram!

This event is organised in collaboration with the Free University of Bolzano/Master in Applied Linguistics.