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Xacio Baño

XACIO BAÑO (Galicia, Spain) studies cinematography at the University of León. He produces, writes and directs several short films that have participated in many national and international festivals such as Locarno, San Sebastian, Viennale, NewDirectors/NewFilms MoMA, Clermont Ferrand, Telluride Film Festival, BAFICI, Mar del Plata, Alcine, Slamdance, FestivalMálaga, Encounters, Shnit, Aspen Shortfest, Sevilla, amongst others. ‚Trot‘, his first feature film, premiered at Locarno film festival in 2018.

2020: Augas Abisais / Deep Waters
2018: Trote / Trot
2015: Eco / Eco / Echo
2014: Ser e voltar / Ser y volver / To be and to come back
2012: Anacos / Pedazos / Pieces
2011: Estereoscopía / Stereoscopy